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Recycled Garden

601468_10200948948314408_633468991_n-1Using forgotten onions to produce greens? I just read a blog that says to plant the red spanish onions, (sweet salad onions with red skin). I’d like to get five or six months of green stalks and use them like thick tasty chives. Eventually they’ll start producing seeds.

I’ve also read  that some of the onions produce tiny bulbs before they flower and these can be used to grow into small onions. We’ll see how much luck I have in my window sill. I just stuck a half an onion in an old water bottle and threw on dirt!


Joy’s Window Garden

Here are a few examples I found online and here’s what I’ve got so far using my old celery heart. I also tried tossing some old scallion bottoms in there for good luck.


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