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Cathance River Preserve – A Day in Nature

Yesterday we hiked the Cathance River Preserve in Topsham, Maine. Who knew a treasure like this was right in our back yard?! With over 230 acres of trails, riverfront, and an ecology center, this place was the perfect spot to get lost for four hours (we did get lost).



We foraged a bit. Harvested sweet fern (for making tea), cattails, and berries. The big find of the day was the partridgeberry which didn’t taste like much but was in our book by Tom Seymour (pictured left).

I made sun tea back at the homestead while we were hiking. We were ravenous after being out on the trail for so long. It was also hot- over eighty degrees. So, we came home and picked blueberries and wild strawberries from the backyard and I made some lovely muffins with oatmeal and molasses (and blueberries) of course. I used this “ridiculously easy blueberry recipe” from the web, with only half the sugar and a 1/4 cup of molasses instead, and wholegrain oats in place of the 1/2 cup of flour. Oh, and rice milk instead of regular milk. Plus, I always add a tablespoon of yogurt (in this case coconut milk non-dairy yogurt) to all my baked goods– it makes them moist and fluffy.

We tried the berries, muffins, and assorted dandelion & broadleaf plantain greens (from our yard) with the cattail tops, cooked like corn on the cob. Carl didn’t think much of them, but I found them tasty.

That night as we went to sleep we prayed that nothing we had eaten was poisonous and were grateful to wake up the next day feeling healthy and fit. Here’s a photo of our delicious, but very small feast. As full-time foragers we’d go hungry for sure. Ha.. ha…

July 5th Forage, Topsham, Maine

July 5th Forage, Topsham, Maine

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