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Recipe for a Peaceful Heart and a Tranquil MInd

Stress is a natural part of life. However, there are different kinds of stress. I spent a lot of time thinking about this when Carl and I were in the wilds of northern Maine for the last week. All of the stress we experienced was external and physical. There were long paddles in the kayak, swarms of mosquitos, wet food, and barking dogs. Still, we slept peacefully, with no undue mental burdens.

Here is a slide show from our trip to Rocky Lake and Danforth, East Grand Lake, Maine. We are back for three days and then headed out again for more adventures…. Of course the best remedy for stress and the perfect way to keep a peaceful heart and a tranquil mind is to live simply and spend more time in closer proximity to our dear earth mother– the mother of us all.

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Upon our return to Topsham I noticed the immediate return of my unquiet mind accompanied by a mild feeling of discontent. This is status quo for me- especially when coupled with work, kids, and general life concerns. But, mostly there is not a particular problem or issue. Rather, my mind is busy making up problems. Similarly, my body is engaged in panic mode-seemingly with a mind of its own (the body does have a mind of its own).

342_brahmi_sesame_oil_groupprint_updatedI decided to do some searching on the internet for some natural remedies for anxiety. I found the Brahmi Oil as well as Tranquil Mind tablets, which I may try especially since I do think my particular anxiety is rooted in the nervous system. This system can present a myriad of symptoms, but in contemporary society these symptoms appear to be exacerbated by a disconnect from nature– of which I am most of the time. Thankfully, it’s back to the woods for us again mid-week.

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