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Food is Love Farm has moved from Maine to Ohio. More about this later, but essentially we have inherited my parent’s homestead in the rural midwest. So, for the time being, “The Maine Cook” will be a rover.

Now, about beets. I recently went to a farmers market with my daughter and her boyfriend. As I picked out a hefty bunch of beta vulgaris, I instructed the vendor to leave the greens attached. They asked me what I was going to do with them.

Realizing that they, unlike me, hadn’t grown up spending weekends on their grandparent’s farms, were not familiar with seeing foods in their “whole” state. So, I created this quick instructional tool to help them in their understanding and preparation of these lovely vegetables. May it help you too – never waste food. Use the whole vegetable if possible (not rhubarb; the leaves are poisonous), and enJOY in good health!


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