Carl & Joy

Food Is Love Farm, is a state of mind. In my mind I have a goat, two chickens, rabbits and a beautiful garden bed which yields organic, highly nutritious food 365 days a year. You should know that I currently work in New York City and live in a small 600 foot Co-Op.

I do believe ‘food is love’.

I also invest in organic and small farm fare. I try to shop local and love my Saturday green market. I’m looking forward to developing this hobby by planting my first ‘real’ garden with my partner in Maine this summer (2013). He has a large backyard and lives just outside of Brunswick. I have dabbled in raising (sub)urban chickens in my back yard in Hastings On Hudson, NY. Things were going well, until I left the coop door open one night and a coyote ate them. Generally I am really good with people and animals – not so good with the green thumb.

I’ve sprouted and played with ‘live food’ diets through the years though, and raised my children to appreciate that the best ingredient in any meal is love!

This is my personal, fun project and I’m happy to share the journey with you.

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