Carl and Joy

Carl Hovey and Joy Rose

Carl Hovey and Joy Rose

Carl Hovey is a New Englander through and through. He grew up in Connecticut and spent summers in Maine where his ancestors first made their home. From Denmark to America the rugged Viking culture ran strong. He joined the Navy right out of high school and traveled the world, only to come home to the Brunswick/Topsham area. He hunts in the Nicatous Region of Hancock, and travels as far North as Houlton and Lubec.

Martha Joy Rose is an East Coast gal, covering territory north and south of New York City. She traverses from St. Petersburg, Fla. to Brunswick, Maine, making her home just outside Manhattan in Hastings-On-Hudson, NY. Her creative passion fuels her many hobbies and pursuits. As a rugged individualist she’s drawn to the character of a place and its people, but her true home in close to nature and the sea. Joy’s academic blog is:

UPDATE: In 2016, Joy moved to Ohio to care for her mother who required home-hospice care. She stayed on to sort through the estate, relinquishing her teaching position at Manhattan College and selling her apartment in Hastings On Hudson. Carl came with her. After establishing residency in Ohio in 2016, she was inspired to open her doors to other artists in need of live/work space and she started Kilravock Arts in Salineville, Ohio with Carl who gardens and oversees the animals. Read more about Kilravock Arts here.

P.S. Carl and Joy do not talk politics. They do however talk animals and vegetables, and share a love of epicurean delights. That is what keeps their relationship strong.

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